The Lego Club at the Pennsauken Library

By Sierra Morrison

The Pennsauken Library held its weekly Lego Club on March 25 to great excitement.

The Lego Club is where kids can play with a large selection of Legos and was created by Susan Starts. Starts is Pennsauken’s Library Youth Service Assistant.

Asked how the Lego Club was started, Starts said, “I saw other libraries with a Lego Club and we [The Pennsauken Library] decide to start one.”

Asked if there was a demand to start a Lego Club, Starts said, “There was no demand but, I thought kids would like having one.”

Daniel isn’t the only one who like playing with Legos. Daniel has a sister named Sophia, 2, who loves playing with Legos.

Asked how he heard about the Lego Club, Valladares said, “My wife is a regular visitor and learned about the Lego Club on the library’s website.”

Daniel wasn’t the only kid, other kids were present.

Asked how the Lego Club got its Legos, Starts said, “The Lego Club got its Legos from donations. A request for unused Legos was placed online, in The All-around Pennsauken Paper and display signs in the library.”

The Lego Club continues to takes donations and donations can be turned in at the library’s front desk. Starts said, “When dropping off Legos at the front desk say it’s for the Lego Club.”       

The Pennsauken Library is located at 6505 Crescent Blvd. Pennsauken, N.J. 08110 and can be contacted at 856-665-5959.



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