How Analytics are Impacting Baseball

By Sierra Morrison

Pennsauken, N.J. – Sports fans, players, coaches and sports owners want their team to win. To help them gain an advantage over their opponent without cheating, teams are embracing analytics. Analytics were once the domain of baseball but analytics have moved to basketball, football, soccer and other sports. The reason for the massive explosion in the use of analytics is it helps identify player performance, player selection, injury prevention, and a whole list of other reasons.

A famous example of analytics was Oakland Athletics’ baseball general manager Billy Beane’s successful attempt to assemble a baseball team on a lean budget by employing computer-generated analysis to acquire new players. Eventually, GM Beane would succeed and the Athletics would win 20 consecutive games and finish the 2002 season 103-59.

Since then, other baseball teams have taken up analytics, others are still debating. The Cardinals, Cubs, and Pirates are considered all in, while the Phillies and Marlins are considered non-believers. The Cubs recently won the World Series and the Pirates moved out of last place the year they started using analytics which was 2007.

The Phillies believe that they don’t need analytics because won the World Cup in 2008 without using it. The follow year, the Phillies went to the World Series again without the use of analytic but lost. Since then, more baseball teams have started using analytics and this has proved costly to the Phillies. Other teams have advanced while the Phillies remain stuck.


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