Fight Occurs After Ocean City High School Basketball Game


By Tyler Douris



Monday night, Ocean City High School boys basketball took on Triton in a second round playoff matchup, losing 52-50. Fans of both teams would switch focus when a brawl involving students started outside the school.




Ocean City blew an 11 point lead after being ahead the entire game. The team ended the game with the final possession but couldn’t convert, failing to send the game to overtime.




At 20-7 on the season, Ocean City was sure to make the playoffs, but some questioned if they could be a serious contender. Behind senior star player Luciano Lubrano, Ocean City blew out Tom’s River East in the first round of playoffs, winning 70-49. But in the end, it would be Triton who would eliminate Ocean City thanks to stellar defense.




About 15 minutes after the game, the Police would be called after a brawl between students began. Students of both schools had a heated exchange of words towards the end of the game, leading to the brawl that ended the night.




“There was so much tension and frustration going on towards the end of that game,” said Mark Kolmer, senior football player at OCHS. “Athletes play with a lot of passion and i think it can kind of rub off on the fans. There was some jawing back and forth and eventually kids from each school started going at it.”




Nobody involved in the fight was critically injured.




Such a sad way to end the season for Ocean City. As for Triton, we will see if their tough defense will be enough to rattle their opponents in round three of the playoffs.



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