Youth Programs Influence On Kingsway Hockey Player JJ Fogelman

By Bryan Vientos

            JJ Fogelman is a Senior at Kingsway High school and plays for the varsity hockey team. Fogelman has been a varsity player since freshman year and was getting more play time then most first year varsity players. He plays defense but has an itch for scoring goals but his main focus is getting that perfect pass to his forwards. So far this season his team is 14-5 and his stats are 5 goals and 15 assists. Like I said his main focus to is help his teammates get in a better position to score but at the same time keep the puck out his goalies net.

Youth Programs had a lot of influence on Foelman and his favorite was the Hollydell Hurricanes. Fogelman said, “Youth hockey has helped him a lot throughout the years, being on the ice 4 out of the 7 days just for youth hockey really got me better because of all the practices and being in games where kids were better than me definitely taught me how to be a better skater and have more iq on the ice.” That being said, he only went on to explain why he chose hockey and his reasoning was that he’s always loved to watch it as a kid. This only pushed him to continue on through youth programs then to high school level hockey.

JJ’s influence to his high school program has not been quiet, he has been awarded with the Coaches Award and this years Defenseman of year award after a great season. Fogelman said,  “The Coaches Award is so far my proudest moment after being acknowledge for his great character on and off the ice.” The love for the youth hockey club has not only shaped a young man but continues to push him to the next level.


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