Journey for the JimmyJohners to the Playoffs

By Bryan Vientos
Senior Tyler Yeh and captain of JimmyJohners had bright hope for the season,which only involved 5 games and then the playoffs. Unfortunately, they didn’t start off too hot, losing their first game by 27 points but this didn’t discourage the team.

“ It was our first game playing together and with only one sub it was difficult to match the other team stamina,” Yeh said.

The second game didn’t seem to be going right again, with two JimmyJohners players not able to make the game. This put a lot of pressure on Yeh to preform playing with a man down but luck would have it the other team faced the same issue with their team members. The game was played four versus four with the JimmyJonhers taking complete control over the game winning by 14 points with leading scorer Jerry C. with 18 points. His 6’4 height definitely played a big factor in this turn out. The overall competitiveness was electric throughout the division. Unfortunately in game 3 the JimmyJohners tied in OT, which wasn’t hurtful until the end of the regular season.

The JimmyJohners went on to win their 4th game, which only put more pressure on the 5th and final game of the regular season. The top 2 teams advance to the playoffs and since the JimmyJohners tied there 3rd game they were tied for 2nd. This meant they had to outscore the other teams previous scored more than 15 points against the 5th and final team. Unfortunately, the chances of the JimmyJoners making the playoffs was over before the 5th game even start. The referees warn each team before the game there isn’t any dunking in warmups and Jerry had dunked the ball, which lead to a technical. This technical pushed the Jimmyjohners out of playoff contention and only heartbreak for Senior Yeh not able to receive any silverware before graduation.


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