Future Of Sports Journalism

By Bryan Vents

Nowadays getting information on most things is getting simpler and faster day by day. A new app comes out every other day or a big community buys out a smaller community to control more of a broader consumer base, which is only limiting who controls what we hear or read. Social Media and technology are now shaping the future of news and impacting the youth of our nation a lot easier then before. Also, with a touch of a button any individual can now have a voice that could reach the world quicker then ever before. I think the professionalism and personalism of journalism especially in sports is being pushed out and cut off. The fast pace the consumers and readers are expecting is only making it more difficult for journalists to really connect with their readers and followers on these social media tools. For sports journalist it is bad news that scores and events are being broadcasted by random individuals faster then ever before, Which is leading to journalists losing on the creativeness of they’re writing and a connection to their readers. I believe that the future of sports journalism is going to become more amateur sports writes, Paperless news, and bigger companies running all sports related news.


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