The Future of Sports Journalism and the rise of the Internet

By Tyler Douris


Journalism has been the way we collect information and present it to people as news for hundreds of years. It used to be the norm that people would read the newspaper every day. Print acted as a platform for people to get their information, whether it was sports, weather forecasts, local or national news. As advancements were made and television came along, the question arose whether print would last. Television could reach wider audiences and seemed more efficient. Surprisingly enough, people still wanted their newspaper. Fast forwarding to present day, we are looking at a similar situation. With all the recent technological advancements, there is much question as to what the future of journalism holds. The Internet grows larger and generates more content every day. Although there’s still a percentage of people that still enjoy reading the paper, how long will they be around?

As Internet sources grow, there becomes more possibilities as to where the future of sports journalism is headed. For me, I believe most of our sports information is going to come from social media (Twitter, Facebook) because of how well the stories use multimedia. You don’t have to sit down and read a whole article to get the score of a game. Everything is direct, to the point, and quick. Video and photo galleries give imagery that the paper doesn’t offer to readers. The problem is people are reading less and watching more. I also believe that we will one day see a resurgence of the newspaper. Say 30-40-50 years down the line, I think newspaper will come back just like vinyl and leather jackets did. I think that although sports are dominated by the Internet, this won’t be the last you see of the old newspaper.


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