Vicious and Delicious: Intermural Street Hockey Champs

By Tyler Douris

Street Hockey Vicious and Delicious
Street Hockey team members of Vicious and Delicious pose for a group photo.


After losing their first game of the season, intermural street hockey team Vicious and Delicious from got hot, and they would take their streak all the way to the end of the season. The team would go on to win the rest of their games and get all the way to the championship. Their opponents were their bitter rivals, The Highway Patrol. The Highway Patrol went undefeated this season, dominating just about every team they played. Captain of The Highway Patrol Joe Fasy had no doubt in his team heading into the game. “We knew we were the best, but they saw every move that was coming.”

“I had no clue they would come at us that hard,” said Fasy. It was certainly a terrific season for Vicious and Delicious. They will have most of their core players coming back for next season in hopes to win again.


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