The Evolution of Analytics

By Bryan Vientos

Analytics is considered to be a major game changer throughout sports. Each year technology gets even better then it was before and faster, which only means it will be easier for most teams to use smaller computers and less data to predict the outcome of certain scenarios. It’s still difficult in some sports scubas soccer to be completely accurate and weigh up all variables. In the NBA teams started to take advantage of this new way of taking chance such as shot selection. Going on for threes and short range shots instant of long twos because logically it makes more sense will a greater chance of success. The MLB is really where this became more visible especially with “Moneyball” coming into play. This was a new strategy that was developed by the Oakland Athletics General Manager who used a different way of evaluating baseball players. Which really attacked other teams unwillingness to adapt to this way of evaluating players with all of the different types of statics. As sports become more completive teams are willing to do whatever it takes to win and will find new ways of predicting players potential. Time can only tell if there will be a new way of predicting certain outcomes and potential.