Rowan University Men’s Basketball Team beats TCNJ

Rowan University Men’s Basketball Team defeats TCNJ

By Sierra Morrison

Glassboro, N.J. – Rowan Men’s Basketball Team defeated TCNJ, 88-74.

In the first period, Rowan Men’s Basketball Team took the lead. TCNJ countered by taking a fast and aggressive stance.

Despite taking a fast and aggressive stance, Rowan Men’s Basketball Team led in field goals (FG’s), three point field goals (3FG’s) and free throws (FT). In total, Rowan made 50% of their FGs vs. TCNJ making 34.3%, 53.3% of its 3FGs vs. 16.7% and 87.5% of its FT vs. 80%.  

By the end of the first half, the score was 45-35 with Rowan Men’s Basketball Team leading.

In the second half, TCNJ maintained its fast and aggressive stance in an attempt to take the lead. For TCNJ’s fans it looked like it was working with TCNJ making 4 out of its 15 3FGs compare to Rowan’s 1 out of 11 3FGs.

In the final minutes of play, TCNJ was a mere six points from taking the lead with Corey Stanford leading in FG’s and Eric Murrdock, Jr. leading in 3FG’s. But, TCNJ’s type of playing started to show its effects on its players, TCNJ’s players were slower to react when Rowan entered their side of the court and their aggressiveness resulted in penalties. As a result, Rowan Men’s Basketball Team was able to expand its lead.

The final score was 88-74.

After the game, Rowan Men’s Basketball Team Head Coach Joe Crispin was asked how he would get the team to the foul line more often than the opposing team.

“We stay in attack mode and we don’t really dunk the ball in the post a lot, so it has to be with our guards getting to the rim, getting hands, checking calls” Crispin said.