Will anyone knock off the Golden State Warriors?

By: Glenn Brown

Since this is my last story ever in Sports journalism II, I wanted to write a story about something that has happened throughout my two semesters in this class. Since we started this course in September, most of our work has been focused on football and basketball. Since the NFL season is very hard to predict a winner, I instead went with the NBA and the number one question, every sports fan has had since July 4, 2016. Will anyone dethrone the Golden State Warriors as the best team in the NBA? The day that I mentioned, is the day NBA superstar Kevin Durant decided to join the Golden State Warriors. Throughout this NBA season we as sports fans have witnessed a bunch of remarkable plays and records broken, but the one thing that didn’t change was the Golden State Warriors being number one in most power rankings. The Warriors 67-15 record doesn’t showcase how good this team really is after that dealt with numerous problems and the injury of Kevin Durant. The Kevin Durant injury kind of puts a damper on their record, as I believe they would have easily won 70 games for a record second time in the last three seasons. The only difference between the previous two seasons is that, in 2014-2015 the Warriors won the NBA championship. Last year, well we all know what happened. The difference with this year is that, both conferences are stronger than last year, the players overall got better, and the Warriors added Kevin Durant. Many media outlets are predicting the Warriors to win this year and I am also on that boat. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Boston Celtics or the San Antonio Spurs win the championship. The fire power and different intangibles that these teams have can carry them forward, but can you really bet against a team with four all-stars? This isn’t the Detroit Pistons from the early 2000’s who won a championship off of role players, this team consist of the two of the greatest shooters ever, one of the greatest scores ever, and most likely one of the greatest defenders the league has ever seen. Oh. And did I mention the reigning coach of the year? Yeah, I think I’m going to choose the Warriors over the field, but anything can happen in a seven game series. Just ask the Warriors from last year.