A photos of Rowan University Men’s Basketball Team

Rowan Men’s Basketball  Journey 2014-17

By Bryan Vientos

Glassboro, N.J.- Rowan Men’s Basketball has come pretty far from 2014 under head coach Joe Cassidy with an overall record of 12-13.  The road for success for Rowan in Division III has been rough so far. Rowan University has been growing dramatically in the past 3 years with intentions to bring there athletic programs into either division I or II. That being said, there has been more pressure to preform at a higher level to prove our program can compete. With the additional attention to our program head coach Joe Cassidy was under the microscope for the 2015 season but unfortunately the season didn’t go as planned, Which lead to an overall record of 9-16. Rowan decided to go in a different direction for the future of there program and brought in Joe Crispin.

When Crispin was brought in during the 2016 season, he had an immediate impact on the program. Getting the Rowan Men’s basketball to a positive record of 12-8. Also, only lost 2 games at home and bring back the fighting spirit of the Proofs. He couldn’t have done it without the Depersia brothers Rob and Nick with a combine total of 1175 points earned. Hopefully,

Crispin can keep the positive momentum going and bring more silverware back to Proof nation.